About Us

EGSD was founded in 2004 by Mike Williams, PE. Mike is a licensed civil engineer in Washington State who has chosen to focus on the on-site wastewater discipline of engineering. Prior to starting EGSD, Mike worked as a civil engineer for the City of Vancouver, WA. His prior experience as a regulatory professional and knowledge of multiple engineering disciplines makes him an asset to any project.

Having a licensed engineer (PE) as principal of the company, EGSD is able to provide design and permitting services for ALL sizes and types of systems. EGSD’s motto is “Complete, Cutting Edge Solutions”. We are constantly continuing our education in this field and strive to be up to date on the newest regulations, technology and methods of on-site wastewater treatment and disposal.

Unlike other local septic designers, we have no associations or exclusive relationships with any specific product suppliers or manufacturers of wastewater products. We refuse these exclusive type arrangements and “kickbacks” so common to this industry. We are also the only septic design firm in southwest Washington who carries professional liability (errors and omissions) insurance (that we know of as of Feb 2012). You can rest assured that we have insurance to fully cover our work (general liability does not cover professional errors or omissions) and that our designs will be unbiased and based exclusively on what is best for you and your site, not just on what is best for our pocketbook!